Monday, March 7, 2011

Midterm Letter and Blog Assessment

When we meet tomorrow, I am going to hand you two midterm assignments.

First is a Blog Self Assessment where you can check yourself and your blog posts to get a sense of how you are doing with this part of the class assignments. I will look at your self-assessments and give you some formal feedback on your blogs over spring break so that you can use that feedback to enhance your posting for the rest of the semester. This is due to me on Thursday, March 10 (this week).

The second is a midterm letter that you will write to me to give me a sense of how the course and your learning in the course is going for you. These letters are anonymous, giving you the full freedom to write about the course without worrying about being judged or graded for your thoughts. I will accept these on Thursday also, but if you want to work on them over spring break, I will take them on Tuesday, March 22.

Just a heads up....

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