Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keeping Track

You have a lot of reading this week so plan carefully to manage your time...

First, read Patrick Finn, Literacy with an Attitude.
But you don't need to read the whole 35 pages that is on reserve. Instead, read the Preface, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. You can skim chapter 13 and 14, though chapter 14 is when Finn talks about real teachers working to change the system of tracking and inequality so you might enjoy reading about some "solutions" since we spend so much time talking about the "problems" in this class!!

Then you are reading Jeannie Oakes' short piece about tracking. This is a good summary of the basic debates around tracking that will anchor the key concepts for you.

If this issue around social class and schooling interests you, there are so many cool resources to check out. PBS did a great project called People Like Us that you can watch or explore via their website. The Center for Working Class Studies in Ohio has a ton of resources to explore.

As always, make sure you have all of your articles with you in class. We will definitely be using the text in our activities next week.

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