Monday, April 11, 2011

Random and cool

Just want to share these amazing short films... all about how media representation and beauty culture influence how we think about ourselves and each other.

You can view them for free until the end of this month using the password: Body Typed.


  1. I watched the video "Wet dreams and false images" - It reminds me a lot of the dove video we watched on how much they airbrush. I remember learning about this for the first time in highschool and kind of feeling better. I am/was one of those girls who puts a LOT of pressure on myself because of stereotypical images of what beauty is. I am getting more confident as I grow older but I am very aware of how much it really has influenced my opinion of myself.

  2. Hi!
    I know this is completely random, but I just wanted to comment on another blog just in case you never got my first comment so I could be connected to everyone else.